The Project named ‘A contemporary infrastructure of Architectural culture in Bologna ‘ has its own dominant characteristics from the first stance because of its location, Bologna and also with its proposed program. The first characteristics of the Project, that is originated from its location, is Bologna’s having the oldest university in the world. It means education notion and the habits that are gained by it are valid and have a matable place in their life for a long time. The second characteristics of the Project is that the program is classified as in three parts, all of them symbolizing different inputs fort he Project ;people movement, flow of information and research dissemination. As an interpretation of the program and context, the goal is determined as with the movement of people the flow of information becomes real and strong and again with the movement of people it can be continuous and permanent. That’s why, as a firststep the traces of people’s movement in the site is kept. The functions that generates people of movement and, supports information flow is seen as exhibition and library function. And methaphoracally huge bookshelves are defined according to the traces of movement of people. These are the shelves that serves the whole complex by generatin the people movement. It is needed for the supported functions these becomes the slab or the system that carries the technical requirements of the spaces like lightining or ventnation. Also these infrastucture, the shelves serving the complex needs has a system that enables to reuse grey water. It is used for irrigation for the green façade that provides airiness and humane appeareance with this defined infrastucture it is intended to make it possible to attract people by their doing activities by the activities that can be easily integrated to their daily life and make them a part of the information flow and make it possible to feed themselves.