Famagusta / Gazimağusa is a port city located at the eastern coast of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The historic walled-town, dotted with a multiplicity of monuments -witnessing the multicultural character of the city in history- constitutes the core of today’s city. After the inter-communitarian war and the Turkish intervention of 1974, the island was divided into two, Famagusta / Gazimağusa became a frontier settlement, and Maraş (Varosha), which was once a vivid international tourism destination, was reduced into a military zone forbidden to access.

In line with the goal of revitalizing the walled-city core, an International Academy of Performance Arts and Multidisciplinary Performance Studies is proposed as a program that has the potential to generate international vibrancy with the public events to be held in different places and vitality with the presence of undergraduate and graduate students, day and night. The interaction between the proposed architectural program and the historic setting of the walled-city is considered twofold. The historic setting with its monuments, the picturesque quality of its ruins and the landscape defines a locus solus that also offers a perfect scene for various audiovisual, cinematographic, artistic etc. performances.

Performance Studies is a field that has been continuously challenged. The concept of performance has a broader meaning. It is not only related with the staged performances for theatre, dance and musical performances but also related with the practice of self-presentations, social and daily interactions of bodily and speech acts, involving linguistic, visual and other modes of communication.

Architectural Program Components include general administration, academic members and moderators’ units / public performance halls and exhibition rooms / meeting and seminar units for theoretical and methodological courses / visual performance units (installation arts, technological arts, painting, ceramics, etc.) / Audial performance spaces (music, drama, dance, technological performance, etc. / including existing historic places) / Namık Kemal Hall: Verbal and literature performance units (literature, anthropology, self-presentations, ethnic and queer studies, political studies) / Services (short term living units, spaces for gastronomic facilities, social gathering spaces, rest rooms, indoor and outdoor technical service units etc.)

Student population: 300 + 100 visiting short period students / staff members, full time: 65 part time: 50 / technical staff members: 20 + part time 20.

Approximate spatial requirement: 6500m2 +%70 circulation = 11.000m2 (+ - 3%) = approx.14.000m2 (excluding outdoor spaces)